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Your reviews. We send you lot's of hugs...

I have just received dress, and have tried on. Thank you for everything perfect Now just need a hot summer

We have already received package. We are very satisfied, thank you and good luck in works!

Thank you very much for dress, sweets. Everything is very nice

Thank you very much for the dress, very cute and comfortable. I imagined the blue and white, but this morebeautiful. Good size. Now even more joy to nurse I wish you to continue create beauties for mothers And thank you for the sweet gift, my older son was very glad

Thank you very much for the wonderful dress and sweet gift I slightly shortened the dress, but otherwise everything fits perfectly - very pleasant and wonderful material and drawing

My wife are happy as a little girl, and put on the dress to work today

My older sons asked to thank you that you dressed their mother so nice. Once again - great thank to you. You create wonderful things that are full of warmth and love.

I got dress, thank you for another beauty. Our little baby counts the fifth day, and I will be happy to dress up a cozy fairytale soft and so nice color dress!

Very cute and nice packaging, Thank you !!!

I was very surprised Dress fit perfect and loved it. Thank you very much I think I will visit again your shop

Well .... You know dress is unrealistic Just went outside and it is very compfortable It am very happy for pockets, it is very convenient with child Night dress also very nice and comfortable, will be for colder weather Thank you very much

I am in euphoria, and when that happens, I am able only laught, swinging my arms and throwing silly faces I am infinitely grateful to you for this feeling that I experience now and you will certainly experience each time when I pun on this fantastic dress. It seems simple dress, but so much happiness and emotion. Thank you - you really know to light  eyes!

Dressis  already in friends hands !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU. 

Dear Victoria,
infinitely thank you for the beauty, it is certainly not only clothe, but the feelings In less than a week after giving birth, I put on this dress and I feel very, very comfortable
Separate thank you for super fast delivery to home
I wish you every success in creating such beauty, do not stop and helth your whole family and especially Ugnyte !!!
Until next time, Svetlana

Dress fits both for daughter and me. Thank you very much! Will be wating for NEWS Wish success

Everything suited perfectly.
Thank you very much

Liked dress
Thank you once again for quick organization.

Dress is perfect, especially color unreal!
Thank you, I hope it will carry a long and pleasant.

You would not believe, I aldready put on the dress  I realized that it is mine I want the red one too Thanks a lot for work, people like you makes us smile

I got a dress! Super fast. It looks very nice

Now dress is a little tight, but when I give birth - will be good
Very pleasantly surprised your warm contact and packaging.
Thank you very much, wish you success in further work.

Today got remarkable dress, thank you Size fits perfectly, even I expected to be more tight, but it fits perfectly.

I am very pleased for this acquaintance I already rekomended you to my friends
I tried the dress - a very nice and pleasant to the body, I can feed  without problems In short, I am very satisfied with the shopping, and wating for news

Thank you very much for such a nice package. Blanket is really great, so soft.

Dress teak, now we need to wait for summer weather. Thank you!

Thank youforunbelievable night dress! Yesterdaywith children we for a long time looked at painting and counted dandelion fluff [[$smile]]

Dress - suited very well! Thank you very much !!!

Dress fited perfectly and I like it very much, thank you again!

Dress - is really great a good mood shot My husband liked it too. I am glad and I'll promote mamajum to others!

I received my order  Everything's great, most import that skirt size is good!
Thank you very much ... Dear clothes, fell in love with them

Thanks, night dress suites well. And surprises gladdened my son

Thank you very much - dress suited wonderfully! It was a birthday gift for my sister. Size is good, model too. So the garden is decorated with a growing tummy, and dress the future mom. Thank you!

I am happy being a mom and a very happy for this mummy line collection. Purchased, wearing and smile! I wish you success, Victoria!

Blanket is both quality and beauty
Mom Raimonda

Thank you for sweet surprise! Scarf is awesome!

Everything is wonderful - and the content and presentation I will go on holidays dressed like a queen and my daughter royally covered

A sincerel thank you for the beautiful clothes I am so happy, they are so cute ... I want more !

The dress is convenient and lovely, thank you!

My friend was so happy because of the baby's plaid. THANK YOU!

Good afternoon. Today I received my prize - baby's plaid ... You know, it is so comfort, so lovely, beautiful and delicate. You can feel the love comming out of it! And the whole presentation, the whole package - the highest level! Thank you very much for such spring gift  Dream and create, I wish you great success! Because after all, you can always feel,  what is done in sincerity and with efforts. You can see when the person is working responsible. Really, thank you very much

Very very nice night dress, good luck to you! From now on I will be your client

I love my first baby's plaid Beautifully packaged, material nice and soft. I will take it to hospital

Thank you, dress fits perfectly. Good luck to you!

Thank you, Victoria, I got everything and thanks for the sweet gift. I am satisfied with everything, I will be adorned nursing mother I already tried practically - nursing is really comfortable. Good Luck For You! I wish the beautiful days and good ideas!

Thank you, the dress is great, I love it.
Sincerely, Jolanta

The sister already took the package, said very nicely packaged and T-shirt is very nice and comfortable. Thanks

Thanks for the dress, it's ok, I enjoyed! Many thanks!

Good evening, today I received the dress and liked it. Thank you for quick delivery, nice communication, excellent dress, lovely packaging. I am waiting for new models, good luck to you
Sincerely, Inga

Thank you very much for such a pleasant and warm communication, advice on choosing dresses, design and fully fitted the size! I am very pleased that on Easter day I will be able to wear  such a beautiful sunny dress. Wish cozy and warm holidays!

A sincere thank you! Amazing top!

Thank you very much, I liked the dress. Size fitted exactly. By the way, thank you very much for Easter surprise  Daughter when unpacked the package was very glad to find candy. Immediately she began to divide - dress for me and candy for her Good luck to you! I recommend you to my friends.

I enjoyed the dress!

Today I got the dress and was very pleasantly surprised... Avesome your idea and its fulfillment

When I saw the dress, my first thought was "too big". But my husband said - try it and I realized it fits perfectly...  This happens when after birth of the miracle remain 20 kilo... Excellent color dress, a lot of fun to the body.
Thanks for Easter candies and yellow ribbon, it's all a big dose of good emotions

Everything is nice, I enjoy!

THANK YOU! Dress is perfect. I am wearing and enjoying

I was looking for beautiful dress, adapted for breastfeeding and I have it my wardrobe Elegant and functional. And the drawing is spectacular!
Laura Palionienė Adomaitytė

I can already dress in my white night dress, excellent quality, fast and plesant delivery Plus - a sweet gift inside. I was pleasantly surprised.
Thanks, Victoria
Dovilė Jonuškaitė Zunkienė

I want to thank you very much for the wonderful dress! I am very pleased with your work. Thank you.
Renata, Ireland

Dresses and scarf perfectly suited!

I liked night dress, very dear to the body

Enjoyed very much. You also could create such shirt with zippers, suitable for breast-feeding.

Everything is great. Thank You.

A few days wearing a T-shirt Candy and night dress I realized - that I do not want ever take it off The material is great: soft, warm and at the same time I realize that in summer it will be cool.
The the night dress Lamb is currently my favorite clothe now, and I even did not used all its advantages, still waiting for my miracle
1000 times thanks for the idea and its implementation
mommy Vika

Everything perfect
Pleasantly surprised beautiful packaging and surprises inside  I hope you create some clothes for summer 
Agne Kaulakienė

I ordered from you night dress and I am so happy - very soft cotton and a really high quality, might sound corny, but really don't want to take them off in the morning Definitely recommend to all that prefer the true and natural thing, but not for cheap synthetics.

I get package today and already dress up to the cafeteria Very convenient and good camouflage blouse for some pounds on my stomach after pregnancy. Thank you

Oh very much like the dress! I already had time to dress and to show friends, also other mothers to recommend. I am also thinking of other products to buy from mamajum. Thanks again!
Goda Jonuškienė

Thanks a lot! Amazing dress! When you realize that kilos don't go away so quickly, when you want to feed your baby dressed in comfortably and adapted clothing, when no longer can't find what to dress, I discovered your dresses and now every time I can be beautiful thanks again!
Gintarė Nemanytė-Lungienė

Everything was good
And my wife is very happy
Andrius Zigmantas

Thanks for the dress and shirt. Dress returns me elegance, and shirt perfectly attracts attention of my husband 
Oga G.

I like my yellow dress Apple! It is very comfortable and requires low care, what is important to me with a small child. To wait spring is much easier with this dress
Kotryna A.

Victoria, thank you for your kind attention.
Shirt liked very much, very soft and high-quality cotton.

Hello. I want to thank first of all for the sincere and friendly service, mothers concern that clothes reach me in time. I liked dress so much that I even want to be again pregnant (no matter that I already have two beauties)  Very liked dress versatility, also that I can change dress length and that it is adapted for nursing. Your dresses are what I needed. Waiting for the new collection. And thank you for the gifts. My older beauty eated it very quickly  Continue to create, Victoria.
Ineta Grytė

I bought white blouse Candy. I like blouse -  nice, pleasant to wear, in line with the size. Thank you Victoria!
Roberta Jefimovienė

Thanks for the shirt. They are really great !!!!! Wish the great success for you.