mamajum sako - Tu pati žaviausia Moteris!


fun to meet you!

Being a mother - certainly is the most interesting, beautiful and probably … the hardest thing. It is not easy to create and grow a miracle. Momently you must acquire a lot of superpower

You run out of everything: time, attention, confidence ... You should remind yourself that the woman inside you is still there ... Just a little bit changed.
But deep inside your heart you know - you are the most amazing, the most enchanting Woman. Even when it seems that everything is on the limit of explosion. After all, you not only created a miracle, but you are the only such masterpiece. With a whole bunch of your charming emotions

Maybe that's why, one day from heaven landed the idea for the first time in Lithuania (and maybe not only in Lithuania ) to create a collection for mothers. Clothes - that perfectly fit pregnant, nursing and also mothers already raising their wonders.

I am glad that all the clothes are really handmade. Each drawing is painted with great love, every seam stroked. In every beauty we stitched a piece of good mood...

I don’t want to give you just clothes. I want to give you a sense. Very warm, sincere and playful sense.

Above all - it must be fun ...

From the heart,
mom of nice girl Ugne and mamajum